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You will find totepool betting points throughout Aintree racecourse. When betting on the Grand National at the track, look for the Tote sign but there will be plenty of these dotted around.

What is a Tote Bet?

With the tote, you’re not betting against a bookie or another person like on the betting exchanges; but your stake goes into a pool. The concept is just like the national lottery. Your win will, therefore, depend on how many other winning tickets there are – the more winning tickets there are, then the more the pool for that has to be split out, meaning a lower return (returns are worked out at a £1 stake).

But if the winner of a race doesn’t have many tickets attached to it then the return here will be higher. Again, it’s a bit like if the lottery pool was won by 10 people or just 1!

Grand National Betting

Grand National Festival – Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, Britain – April 13, 2018 Racegoers place bets with bookmakers during Ladies Day at the Grand National Festival REUTERS/Andrew Yates @SCANPIX


Tote betting on the Grand National

Once at the Tote window, you can either fill out their form with your stake, the type of bet (win, place or each-way) and your horse number. The minimum bet here is £2, or if you prefer you can just shout out the number of your horse to the person behind the counter with the stake, bet type and race time. For example, “Race One, Horse Number 3, £5 to win – Please”.

Betting Tip – You can never take a price with the tote – so it’s always a bit of a lottery what the return will be. The more people on the winner (favourite), the lower the return. But if you do fancy a horse that is more of an outsider then generally because of that reason you can often get much bigger returns from the tote on these horses.

  • Betting on favourites on the tote = Low value
  • Betting on outsiders on the tote = Rewarding

Tote Bet Types

You can place other bets on the tote, like forecasts, tricasts, placepots, jackpots and quadpots.

Forecasts – Pick the first two home in the correct order in the race (you can also do a reverse forecast, or combination forecast)
Tricasts – Pick the first three home in the correct order in the race (you can also do a reverse tricast, or combination tricast)
Placepot – Pick a horse in the first 6 races to be placed
Quadpot – Pick a horse in races 3,4,5 & 6 to be placed
Jackpot – Pick a horse to win the first 6 races

Tote Betting is all about a collective pool of people coming together to have some fun. In the UK, tote betting is integral to a day at the races.

For other types of betting on the Grand National, visit our Betting Guides.

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What is Tote Betting on the Grand National? | Betting Guide
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