Grand National Sweepstake Kit


Every year the whole nation is gripped by the annual spectacle of passion and excitement that is the Grand National.

Whether you are a regular gambler or a complete novice, you can have a bit of fun by organising your own Grand National sweepstake for colleagues, friends and family.

To get involved, you can download your Grand National sweepstake kit for use at work, at home or down your local here:

Click here for your 2017 Grand National sweepstake kit

Print two copies and cut out the runners into individual pieces of paper, fold them and put them into a hat (or other suitable container).

Then decide how much it costs to enter and randomly draw each horse, inserting people’s names in the table on the second copy, to keep a record of who has which horse. Perhaps charge £2 to pick a horse, making an £80 pot.

Obviously you’re free to split the winnings how you wish, the winner could take all, or perhaps 1st place wins £40, 2nd place £25, 3rd place £10 and 4th place £5.

Make sure you sell all of the horses. If you have some left after everyone has brought a horse see if anyone wants a second or third horse (gentle persuasion may be required) – white lies such as implying the favourite is still available are acceptable!